Change Log


  • Added Damaged Waiver Key to Get Villas and Get Villa. This text must appear at the bottom of all Villa Pages.


  • Change Add a Booking to Send Inquiry. Functionality is the same, just changed the nav tab.


  • Added Published Key to Get Villas and Get Villa, should always = 1
  • Removed ability to pull unpublished Villas.


  • Added Featured Amenities (featured_amenities) to Get Amenities endpoint
  • Separated Amenities from Featured Amenities on Get Amenities endpoint
  • Added Get Collections end point to get a list of collections and collection ids. They can be used to pull villas by that collection group.
  • Added Get Collection Villas end point. When a collection id is sent an array of villa_ids are returned for that collection.
  • Updated the Get Villa end point and added the index "collection_ids" that will return the collection ids associated with that villa.
  • Updated the Get Villa and Get Villas endpoint and added Lat and Lon.


  • Initialize API document